Mountain 102.5 ATM Game Rules

Listeners will have the opportunity to call in when they hear the ATM sounder beginning March 20th, 2014. Mountain 102.5 will play a “sounder” and take the 10th caller. The 10th caller will be asked to guess the ATM PIN code, using numbers between 1 and 60 (including 1 and 60). If the 10th caller guesses all four numbers correctly and in the correct order, they will win $500. If the player guesses one or more numbers correctly, Mountain 102.5 will confirm those numbers and positions, correct or incorrect, on air during that game only. Numbers will not be announced on air during any other times except those designated as game times. Once a number is revealed and locked into position, all following callers must use the correctly guessed number(s) and position(s) in their PIN code guesses. This process continues until all the numbers have been revealed and locked in resulting in a winning PIN code. Once a winner has been determined, the numbers reset and a new set of four numbers will be used in the following contest. This contest may end at any time at the discretion of management. No winner may play or win the contest for 30 days after winning this or any other major prize from Mountain Broadcasting. Winners must present valid identification, including Social Security numbers and address, in order to claim their prize. All taxes that may be owed are the responsibility of the winner. There will only be one winner per game.

Contestants playing the Mountain 102.5 ATM Game on their mobile device at will have the opportunity to play Monday through Friday at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM. One Mobile Entry will be chosen and their numbers will be used just like a call-in player. You may mobile-enter as many times as you like. Mobile entries must be sent by 9:00 AM for the morning game and 2:00 PM for the afternoon game, the day of the game. All entries will be deleted at 3:00 PM that day. You can enter for the next game after 6:00 PM. If your entry does not have the uncovered number(s), we will pick numbers from your entry to fill the four positions based on the revealed numbers and their positions from the previous game.  Your numbers maybe moved to the right if need be to fill the four positions. Your best chance to win is to use all uncovered numbers when possible.